Deep Panuke Offshore Gas Project

The Deep Panuke Offshore Gas Project (the Project) involves the production of natural gas from four producing wells within an offshore field located approximately 250 km southeast of Halifax.  The Deep Panuke Offshore Gas Project is operated by Encana Corporation. The gas is then transported via a subsea pipeline to shore, and ultimately, to markets in Canada and the United States. The Project utilizes a jack-up type offshore platform as its Production Field Centre (PFC) tied back to the production wells by subsea flowlines.

Production began in 2013.  The Project is currently operating on a seasonal basis, with production occurring only during the colder months when natural gas prices are higher.

The Development Plan estimated the mean volume of natural gas that would be produced over a mean production life of 13 years as 17.8 E9M3 (632 Bcf).  The PFC is designed for a peak gas rate of 8.5 E6M3/d (300 MMscf/d).  

The raw gas produced contains approximately 0.18% hydrogen sulphide (H2S); therefore, gas sweetening equipment is installed on the PFC.  An amine unit is used to remove H2S along with some carbon dioxide (CO2), both of which are considered acid gas. Subsequent to its removal from the raw gas, the acid gas is injected into a purpose drilled disposal well.

Development Plan Application (Volume 2)

Volume 2 (All Pages)

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Monthly production by field and well

Deep Panuke Monthly Production Plots.pdf
Deep Panuke Monthly Production Reports.xls
Deep Panuke Monthly Production Reports.pdf

Decision Reports

Deep Panuke Offshore Gas Development Canada-Nova Scotia Benefits Plan and Development Plan Decision Report (2007)

Spill Response Plan

Deep Panuke Spill Repsonse Plan


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