Cohasset Panuke

The Cohasset-Panuke Project produced oil from 1992-1999 and is now decommissioned. Project operators were Pan Canadian (now Ovintiv), and LASMO Nova Scotia Limited.

Fun Facts


Canada’s first offshore oil project.


Produced a total of 44.5 million barrels of oil.


Operated for approximately seven years.


Located approximately 55 km west southwest of Sable Island National Park Reserve.

Status: Decommissioned

Production facilities have been removed and all wells have been permanently plugged and abandoned.


The Cohasset-Panuke Project, was Canada's first offshore oil project, and operated from 1992-1999, producing a total of 7.1 million cubic metres of oil, or 44.5 million barrels. The project was developed by LASMO Nova Scotia Limited, in partnership with Nova Scotia Resources (Ventures) Limited. PanCanadian (now Ovintiv) acquired LASMO's 50 per cent ownership in January 1996, becoming operator of the project.

The Fields

The Cohasset-Panuke Project oil fields are located on the Scotian Shelf approximately 250 kilometres southeast of Halifax. The Cohasset-Panuke Project project had a total of 14 production wells, 10 at Cohasset and four at Panuke. The Cohasset oil field consisted of a series of stacked reservoir sandstones, located within the lower Logan Canyon, Naskapi and Upper Missisauga formations. The Panuke field consisted of a series of stacked reservoir sandstones, located within the upper Missisauga Formation.


Production facilities consisted of two steel jackets at Cohasset and Panuke, connected by subsea flowline, and a jack-up drilling and production unit, located adjacent to the Cohasset jacket. Produced oil was transferred by flowline to a Floating Storage Offloading vessel moored to a nearby buoy. Shuttle tankers would periodically offload oil from the Floating Storage Offloading vessel for transportation to market.

Decommissioning and Abandonment

The Cohasset-Panuke Project production was permanently shutdown in 1999 and decommissioning and abandonment was completed in 2006. The required ongoing environmental follow-up surveys were completed in the fourth quarter of 2009.

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