Offshore Activity

We are a lifecycle regulator. As part of our regulatory role, we approve, authorize, and monitor oil and gas activities during each phase of a project. 

From a seismic program mapping the ocean floor, to the removal of a facility that has been abandoned, there are different types of activities that can occur in the Canada-Nova Scotia offshore area depending on the phase of a project. We ensure that operators explore, develop, produce, and decommission projects in a safe and responsible manner. This includes monitoring areas of health, safety and environmental performance.

Browse our current activities, past production projects, and statistics related to health, safety and environmental matters below.

In order to complete work in the Canada-Nova Scotia offshore area, operators need to apply for an Activity Authorization and receive our permission before they can proceed. 

Learn more about what’s happening in the Canada-Nova Scotia offshore area.

Learn more about past projects that produced oil or gas resources in the Canada-Nova Scotia offshore area.  

We update statistics and report information on audits and inspections, injuries, spills to the sea and unauthorized discharges. Learn more.