Data Management Centre

We provide online access to digital oil and gas data (e.g. well data, geophysical surveys etc.) from the Canada-Nova Scotia offshore area through our Data Management Centre. 

Fun Facts


The first offshore geophysical survey related to oil and gas was an aerial magnetic survey (aeromag) and was conducted in September 1959 in the Sable Island area.


Oil and gas explorers acquire geophysical data such as seismic surveys to produce images of the various rock layers and their location beneath the Earth's surface.


Geoscientists interpret seismic data to determine the location and size of potential oil and gas reservoirs.


Processing seismic data requires powerful computers, sophisticated software, and specialised skills.

Did you know?

Each well drilled in the Canada-Nova Scotia offshore area is assigned a unique reference number (known as a D number) and all subsurface materials are identified by means of that number. Each geophysical program is also assigned a unique reference number and all incoming data is identified and corresponds to that number.

Our Data Management Centre is a digital management center that offers public access to our offshore petroleum data online. It was the first of its kind in North America. You can search available information from oil and gas activities that have occurred in the Canada-Nova Scotia offshore area. Our Data Management Centre dates back to September 1959 when the first offshore geophysical program related to oil and gas was conducted.

Our Data Management Centre was opened on October 2, 2007. It was designed to manage well logs, geological and geophysical reports, seismic navigation and image files, license information, and maps and to make this information easily accessible to the public, academia, industry, and other government departments and agencies. This facilitates scientific research and offshore exploration by allowing users to better understand the geology and oil and gas resources of the Canada-Nova Scotia offshore area.

Since our Data Management Centre opened, we have continually updated it with legacy data and new data when confidentiality periods end. 

What data is available and how do I access it?

We have a large collection of offshore data available on our Data Management Centre. This includes:

  • 370 2D/3D seismic reflection, aeromagnetic and seabed surveys
  • 210 wells - includes well reports, logs, core photos, etc.

If you would like to access our Data Management Centre please complete an application and then login
If you would like to download the user manual you can access it here.