Building trust and confidence in how we regulate oil and gas activities in the Canada-Nova Scotia offshore area is important to us.

Below the surface there is a story to tell. And we want to share it.
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We recognize that it is important to engage with Indigenous communities and the public so that we may better understand the perspectives and concerns of the many communities, businesses and organizations around Nova Scotia. This helps us to make informed decisions.

Hearing from you is valuable to us.

We offer many different ways for you to get involved.

  • We hold commenting periods when environmental assessments are conducted, make a Call for Bids for offshore licences and when we develop guidelines to assist industry in understanding requirements set out in legislation
  • We host engagement sessions throughout the province on topics such as Activity Authorizations, licensing of offshore interests, Call for Bids and more generally, our regulatory role
  • We also send email updates to subscribers so they can be kept in the loop on what’s happening offshore

Ultimately, we want to establish strong relationships with the public we serve. We are committed to doing what is needed so that we can continue to earn your trust and confidence.

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Indigenous Communities

We recognize and understand the importance of engaging and consulting with Indigenous communities. We believe that Indigenous communities have unique and specific insights that should be taken into consideration prior to making decisions.

We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the federal and provincial governments (as represented by Natural Resources Canada and the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables) in which the governments can use and rely on, where appropriate, our existing practices to assist in discharging the Crown’s consultation and accommodation obligations.

We will work to engage and consult with Indigenous communities throughout the lifecycle of offshore resource management and development.

View our Memorandum of Understanding with governments as it pertains to Indigenous consultation here.

Fisheries Advisory Committee

We require operators to conduct offshore activities in a manner that minimizes the impact on fisheries, marine fish resources, and fish habitat.

To assist us in better understanding the needs and concerns of the fishing industry, we’ve established a Fisheries Advisory Committee. The Fisheries Advisory Committee includes representatives from various fishing groups, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Natural Resources Canada, the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, and the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables. Fisheries Advisory Committee members provide advice and suggestions to us for consideration in such things as activity authorization applications, and input into our guidelines. Committee members are provided with notice of all Environmental Assessments, and are invited to submit comments to us for consideration during the review process.

For a list of Fisheries Advisory Committee members, please click here.

Learn more about the purpose and structure of Fisheries Advisory Committee. Check out our Terms of Reference.

Public Comment/Engagement Sessions

Opportunities for Public CommentThe public has an opportunity to participate in our regulatory processes through commenting periods on our scoping documents, strategic environmental assessments, project-specific environmental assessments and guidelines.

All comments received will be considered public and will be posted to the appropriate Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board Public Registry.





Public Comments on the draft Guidelines for the Framework Regulations



July 2, 2024.




Regulatory Queries Available for Public CommentRegulatory Query applications for alternations under Part 3.1 of the federal regulations and Part 3(A) of the provincial regulations will be posted below for public commenting. Comments received are reviewed by our Chief Safety Officer and/or Chief Conservation Officer, prior to making a Regulatory Query decision.

*All written comments must be submitted by email to rqsubmissions@cnsopb.ns.ca.

Regulatory Query Application

Application Posted

Deadline for Public Comments

 No Query Applications currently available for comment.




Current Engagement OpportunitiesSearch our current engagement opportunities.


Engagement Type


Location (if applicable)

No Current Engagement Opportunities available for comment.







Past EngagementsLearn more about past engagements.


Engagement Type



Call for Bids NS22-1 Comment Period 28/11/2022 NA
Joint OHS Guidelines Public Comment Comment Period 06/05/2022 N/A

Public Commments on Middle and Eastern Scotian Slope and Sable Island Bank Areas SEA

Comment Period



Public Comments on Draft Remotely Piloted  Aircraft Systems Guidelines

Comment Period



Call For Bids NS21-1

Comment Period 05/07/2021 N/A

Middle and Eastern Scotian Slope and Sable Island Bank Areas Strategic Environmental Assessment

Comment Period 01/03/2021 NA

Western Scotian Shelf and Slope Strategic Environmental Assessment

Comment Period 04/12/2020 NA

Western Scotian Shelf and Slope Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Document

Comment Period 25/02/2020 NA

SEA: Middle Scotian Shelf and Slope

Comment Period



2018 Call for Bids NS18-3: written comments

Comment Period



Multiklient Invest's Seismic program - Scoping Document

Comment Period



BP Canada Energy Group ULLC (BP Canada) Application for an Operations Authorization-Drilling


09/02/18 -  23/03/18

Province - wide

Call for Bids NS17-1

Comment Period/

16/05/17 - 02/10/17

Cape Breton

Public Comments on Revisions to the Compensation Guidelines Respecting Damages Relating to Offshore Petroleum Activity

Comment Period 19/04/17 NA

Public Comments on Revisions to Incident Reporting and Investigation Guideline March 10, 2017

Comment Period 10/03/17 NA

Public Comments on Revisions to Drilling and Production Guidelines

Comment Period 23/02/17 NA

Consultations on draft Guidelines Respecting Financial Requirements and draft Administrative Monetary Penalty Guidelines

Comment Period 05/01/16 NA

Consultations on draft Joint Cost Recovery Guidelines

Comment Period 14/12/15 NA