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Learn more about exploration, significant discovery and production licences in the Canada-Nova Scotia offshore by using our interactive map.

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Our Directory of Wells provides a chronological listing of all wells drilled in the Canada-Nova Scotia offshore area. Learn more by visiting our Data Management Centre.

E.g., 21/07/2024
E.g., 21/07/2024

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  • Significant Discovery Licence
  • Production Licence
  • Georges Bank Prohibition Area
  • St. Anns Bank Marine Protected Area
  • The Gully Marine Protected Area
  • Donkin Coal Block Area
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  • Dry Hole
  • Gas Show
  • Gas Well
  • Oil & Gas Show
  • Oil Show
  • Oil Well
  • Oil Well & Gas

Active and Inactive Exploration Licences View our active and inactive exploration licence tables to find out more information about each exploration licence we have issued since 1990. You will find information on work expenditure bids, operator representatives, and effective and expiry dates.

Date Document Title
17/01/2022 PDF icon Active Exploration Licences
17/01/2022 PDF icon Inactive Exploration Licences