Resource Management

Learn more about what our geoscience and reservoir engineering experts do and our resource management efforts.

Experience in the Field

Our Chief Conservation Officer and Director, Resources and Rights has a Bachelor of Science in Geology and is a Registered Professional Geoscientist, with more than 30 years of experience in petroleum geology, petrophysics and resource management.

Carl Makrides
Director, Resources & Rights

Resource management and conservation of offshore oil and gas resources are some of our key responsibilities and include:

Call for Bids Forecast Areas (2019-2021)

Each year, our geoscientific experts update our Call for Bids Forecast Areas map to provide a three-year, rolling forecast of the areas where they plan to conduct geological studies to identify the specific regions that have the potential to contain oil and/or gas reserves. One or more parcels located within these areas will normally be included in the Call for Bids for the year specified.

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