Resource Management

Learn more about what our geoscience and reservoir engineering experts do and our resource management efforts.

Experience in the Field

Our Chief Conservation Officer and Director, Resources and Rights has a Bachelor of Science in Geology and is a Registered Professional Geoscientist, with more than 30 years of experience in petroleum geology, petrophysics and resource management.

Resource management and conservation of offshore oil and gas resources are some of our key responsibilities and include:

  • Conducting Geological, Reservoir Management and Resource Assessment Studies - Conducting geological, reservoir management and resource assessment studies to improve the understanding of the geology and oil and gas resources in the Canada-Nova Scotia offshore area.
  • Conducting Geoscience Studies in Support of a Call for Bids - These are focussed geoscience studies describing the specific geological features and exploration opportunities on each Call for Bids parcel(s).
  • Reviewing Industry Exploration, Development and Production Activities - Reviewing industry exploration, development and production activities to ensure compliance with the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board's legislation and regulations.
  • Resource Conservation - Ensuring offshore oil and gas resources are developed, managed, measured and produced using international best practices and in a manner that ensures waste of the resource does not occur. Waste means that companies operating a production project must ensure they produce all economically recoverable oil and gas. 

Operators must develop, manage, measure and produce offshore petroleum resources responsibly. Learn more here. 

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