The Facts: CNSOPB and its Board of Directors

COMMENT: CNSOPB is not credible – they do not have the expertise necessary to regulate the offshore to ensure health, safety and environmental protection.

FACT: The CNSOPB strives to achieve excellence in the implementation of all facets of its regulatory mandate, which requires having the necessary technical competencies and expertise in place to ensure safe and responsible operations by operators. We have experts in health, safety, environmental protection, geoscience, engineering, industrial benefits and financial assurance. Read more on our staff expertise here.

COMMENT: There is not enough oversight for the project because the CNSOPB’s mandate is to regulate offshore oil and gas development, while simultaneously promoting it. 

FACT: It is the Province’s job to promote - our job is to ensure regulatory compliance.  Everything we do at the CNSOPB is guided by federal and provincial law through the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Resources Accord Implementation Acts and the associated regulations. Before we grant an authorization, our experts go to great lengths to ensure that the proposed work will be completed in a safe, secure and accountable manner.

COMMENT: CNSOPB’s Board is made up of industry folks and are promoters of industry – this is what you call ‘industry captured’.

FACT: The CNSOPB's Board of Directors are appointed by the federal and provincial governments. Board members are appointed based on merit with relevant backgrounds and expertise. It is important that Board members have a good understanding of the industry that we regulate. Collectively, current Board members bring with them specific expertise in governance, policy development, project management, social responsibility, health and safety, environmental protection, engineering, geoscience, finance, oil and gas operations, and spill prevention, preparedness and response.