Mark Deptuck

Advisor, Geology


  • Advises on geological matters relating to oil and gas exploration, development and production
  • Studies geological and geophysical data to better understand the geology and hydrocarbon potential of the Canada-Nova Scotia offshore area
  • Reviews geoscience aspects of industry submitted activity authorizations, reports and plans to ensure compliance with CNSOPB regulatory requirements

Biographical Snapshot:

  • Mark has 20 years of petroleum geoscience experience including 12 years with the CNSOPB
  • Prior to joining the CNSOPB, Mark worked in the petroleum industry as a Petroleum Geologist and as a Research Scientist with the Geological Survey of Canada
  • He specializes in marine geology, with expertise in deepwater depositional systems, stratigraphy, and salt tectonics
  • He has authored a number of peer-reviewed and technical publications covering subjects ranging from submarine fan architecture to Atlantic Canada’s offshore geology
  • Mark has completed and instructed a number of technical training courses in petroleum geology, deepwater stratigraphy, salt tectonics and seismic interpretation

Education, Affiliations, and Accolades:

  • PhD in Earth Sciences (Marine Geology), Dalhousie University
  • Bachelor of Science, Geology (Honours), Saint Mary’s University
  • Former Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) visiting fellow, NSERC post-graduate scholar and Killam graduate scholar
  • Adjunct Professor, Earth Sciences, Dalhousie University 
  • Member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists
  • Member of the Atlantic Geoscience Society

More About Me:

  • Mark enjoys spending time on, in, or around the water – he loves all things “subsea”