Dr. Tareq Al-Zabet

Alternate Board Member (Federally Appointed)

Biographical Snapshot:

  • Appointed Federal Alternate Board Member 2023
  • Dr. Tareq Al-Zabet's professional career extends over 30 years of combined international and Canadian experience in areas of executive management, strategic planning, regulation, health, safety, oil and gas, renewable and nuclear energy, infrastructure, environmental protection, compliance, and enforcement
  • A former Deputy Minister at Manitoba Infrastructure, Assistant Deputy Minister at Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Executive Director at Saskatchewan government and Senior Advisor at Alberta Energy Regulator
  • Establishing partnerships, bilateral and tripartite agreements, cultivating relationships, gaining trust and credibility with federal and municipal governments, industry, Indigenous peoples, and the public
  • A thorough knowledge and understanding of applicable environmental and energy federal and provincial legislations and regulations, common law, principles of natural justice, administrative law, due-process and fair representation, appeals, adjudications, dispute resolution and arbitration

Professional Affiliations, Degrees, and Distinctions:

  • Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences
  • Master’s Certificate in Executive Public-Administration Leadership
  • Agile Project Management and LEAN - KAIZAN Practitioner
  • Keynote speakers and lecturer at various Canadian Universities
  • Member of the Canadian Registered Safety Board (CRSP)
  • Strategic Management of Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies, Harvard’s J. F. K. School of Government
  • Certified Practitioner in Agile Project Management and Lean and Value Stream Mapping
  • Executive Leadership Certificate – Banff Leadership Center
  • Tribunal Adjudication Certificate - Osgood Hall Law School
  • Appropriate Dispute Resolution and Adjudicator Decision Making

More About Me:

  • Enjoy spending time with family and friends
  • Plays soccer occasionally and enjoys outdoor walks and hikes