Oil Spill Response Plan

Activity Authorizations Forms

Like other plans, the operator must provide details about Emergency Preparedness and Response related to oil spills. This document contains specific details regarding:

  • Incident classification and management
  • Notification and internal and external communication procedures
  • Roles, responsibilities, training and competencies specific to spills

The oil spill response plan must describe:

  • The various spill response options and resources available and when to make use of them including monitoring natural attenuation
  • Containment and recovery
  • In-situ burning
  • Surveillance
  • Shoreline protection and clean-up
  • Mechanical and chemical dispersants

To support assessment of response options, operators must conduct spill modelling and, to allow for the use of chemical dispersants, conduct a spill impact mitigation assessment and provide it to us for approval.

The plan must also include monitoring and sampling activities to confirm the effectiveness of spill response measures and measures and practices for the protection, monitoring, collection and rehabilitation of potentially oiled wildlife.

The operator must also describe procedures for compensation and management of claims for those impacted by the potential spill.