Board of Directors Spotlight Series: Dr. Tareq Al-Zabet


The Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB) is governed by an independent Board of Directors comprised of provincial and federal appointees and a board chair. The Board sets the CNSOPB’s policies and programs through strategic, ethical, and transparent lenses in the stewardship and regulation of offshore petroleum resources.

In addition to their valued contributions to our Board, our Board of Directors are active members in their communities and dedicate their time, resources, and expertise to numerous organizations.

In February 2023, the CNSOPB welcomed Dr. Tareq Al-Zabet (Ph.D.) as a Director. Tareq is a federally appointed Board Member and brings to the Board over 20 years of combined international and Canadian leadership experience in areas of executive management, strategic planning, health, safety, infrastructure, environmental protection, climate change, regulation, compliance, and enforcement.

Tareq was appointed as General Manager and CEO for Halifax Water in July 2023. Prior to this appointment, Tareq was the Regional Site Director of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization in Ontario. In this role he was responsible for supporting the development of a multi-billon dollar geological repository, overseeing the operations, and collaborating with multiple representatives within the community, including municipal government, industry, and other community groups. He is a former Deputy Minister and has previously held senior positions in the provincial public sectors of Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta in information technology, land management, construction and infrastructure.

Tareq holds an Executive Public-Administration Leadership Certificate, Ph.D. in Water Resources Management with a specific interest in the interaction between natural and man-made systems, a Master of Science in Hydrology, and a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences and Industrial Business Administration. He is an occasional lecturer, a keynote speaker, and a registered professional. In addition to serving on the CNSOPB Board of Directors, he also serves a national Board, the Canada Lands Company Corporation.

Tareq brings a wealth of knowledge to the CNSOPB with his extensive work experience, educational background, and leadership skills.

“In my own personal journey, I realized that I cannot get through a single day without having an impact or being impacted by the surroundings around me. We can create a balanced, sustainable, healthier, and desirable communities by collectively making wiser and balanced choices that promote equality across all spectrums of life.” Dr. Tareq Al-Zabet

Tareq enjoys the outdoors and keeps active by hiking and playing soccer. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends.

We thank Tareq for his contribution to the CNSOPB Board of Directors. For more information on Tareq, read his Board biography.