Incident Bulletins

In the event of an offshore incident, we are notified by the affected operator immediately. 

The Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board has created guidelines to determine when to publicly post bulletins regarding these incidents. Such incidents will be posted on this page as soon as it is feasible to do so.

The following incidents would be reviewed and would most likely trigger us to publish an incident bulletin:

Health and Safety concerns:

  • Fatality, missing person or life-threatening work-related incident
  • Medical evacuation if linked to an incident
  • The emergency evacuation or precautionary down-manning of an installation
  • Significant damage to or loss of any installation, vessel or aircraft
  • A fire or explosion
  • A security event or threat (as situation permits)
  • Instances where a helicopter makes an unscheduled landing in a location other than those included in its flight plan

Environmental and Resource Conservation concerns:

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E.g., 17/04/2024
E.g., 17/04/2024

Based on the forecasted weather and sea-state conditions related to Hurricane Chris, ExxonMobil has advised that they have removed some non-essential personnel at the Sable Offshore Energy Facilities (Thebaud platform and the Noble Regina Allen Drilling Unit).


Drilling operations of BP Canada (BP) continue to be suspended. The CNSOPB has sent two officers and a drilling engineer offshore to investigate the cause of the discharge. This will inform any actions by the CNSOPB.

To resume drilling, the CNSOPB must be satisfied with the responsive...


BP Canada Energy Group ULC (BP Canada) reported on June 22, 2018, an unauthorized discharge of synthetic based drilling mud (SBM) from the West Aquarius Drilling Unit. A preliminary estimate of the volume discharged is approximately 136 cubic metres.


ExxonMobil has notified the CNSOPB that a worker on the Thebaud platform tripped and fell this morning while performing inspection activities and sustained a wrist injury.
As a precautionary measure, the worker is being transferred by helicopter to Halifax for further assessment.



ExxonMobil has advised that, based on forecasted weather and sea-state conditions specific to the Sable Offshore Energy Project facilities, they will today be down-manning non-essential personnel from both the Thebaud platform, and from the Noble Regina Allen drilling unit.  ExxonMobil will...


Archived Incident Bulletins

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Injured Worker Medevac


Incident Update – Shell Operational Update - Resumption of drilling with conditions


Incident Update - Shell Operational Incident


Update – Shell Canada Operational Incident.


Update – Shell Canada Operational Incident


Update – Shell Canada Operational Incident


Shell Canada Ltd. Operational Incident (Dropped Riser) – Update


Shell Canada Ltd. Operational Incident (Dropped Riser) - Update


On Saturday, March 5, the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board was notified of an Operational Incident on the Stena IceMAX drill ship


Small fire incident on the Deep Panuke Platform operated by Encana Corporation.


Small transformer fire within a contained room on the Deep Panuke production platform


Hydrocarbon spill from the Deep Panuke Production Field Centre