Shaun Rhyno

Advisor, Geology and Petrophysics


  • Conservation Officer
  • Member, Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee
  • Advises on geological and petrophysical matters relating to oil and gas exploration, development and production
  • Studies petrophysical (well log) data to better understand the geology and reservoir properties of the Canada-Nova Scotia offshore area
  • Reviews geological and petrophysical aspects of industry submitted activity authorizations, reports and plans
  • Conducts audits and inspections to ensure compliance with CNSOPB regulatory requirements

Biographical Snapshot:

  • Shaun has 16 years of petroleum geoscience experience including five years with the CNSOPB
  • Prior to joining the CNSOPB, Shaun worked in the petroleum industry as a Wireline Engineer, Wellsite Geologist, Petrophysicist and Senior Geologist
  • He is proud to have been given the opportunity to serve the public by working for a federal/provincial regulatory agency where he is able to apply his technical skills gained from previous employment
  • While working at the CNSOPB he has conducted petrophysical studies to evaluate the reservoir properties of a number of exploration and production wells
  • Has completed a number of technical training courses in geology and petrophysics

Education, Affiliations, and Accolades:

  • Bachelor of Science (Double major in Geology and Geography), Saint Mary’s University

More About Me:

  • In his spare time, Shaun enjoys curling and coaches junior curling, is a Beaver/Cub leader with Scouts Canada, and enjoys camping, spending time with his wife and three children, and DIY projects