Nancy Hynes

Analyst, Records Management


  • Supports corporate records and data management
  • Implemented Electronic Records and Document Management System
  • Completes special records and data projects

Biographical Snapshot:

  • Over 17 years of experience with CNSOPB
  •  20+ years experience in Office Management, Accounting and Records Administration.
  • Previously trained in writing 9002 Policy, procedures and safe work practices for ISO Manufacturer certification;  ISO 9002 Internal Auditor Certified

Education, Affiliations and Accolades:

  • Library and Information Technology with honours - NSCC
  • Business Administration Diploma with Concentration in Accounting with  honours - Halifax Business Academy

More about Me:

  • When not working Nancy enjoys running her hobby farm, riding her horse. Knitting and crocheting blankets for a transition house and recovery program for men. She also enjoys spending time with family, especially her grandchildren.