Janice Ray

Advisor, Environmental Affairs


  • Conservation Officer
  • Lead reviewer of environmental aspects of operators’ activity authorization applications
  • Conducts audits and inspections to ensure compliance with environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements
  • Leads environmental incident reviews and follow-ups
  • Acts as a key liaison with the Impact Assessment Agency and other government departments, stakeholders and Indigenous communities, both formally and informally, to establish and maintain strong working relationships, exchange information, inform and educate, and fulfill commitments regarding regulatory requirements for consultation
  • Plays a lead role in the development of internal CNSOPB policy as it relates to environmental protection and assessment
  • Liaises with expert government agencies

Biographical Snapshot:

  • Over 22 years of experience as environmental practitioner, including nearly four years with the CNSOPB
  • Over 18 years of experience conducting environmental assessments in various sectors, such as mining, transportation, oil and gas, renewable energy, contaminated sites, and other infrastructure
  • Expertise in environmental protection and management, compliance monitoring and inspection, communicating with government officials and stakeholders, and regulatory affairs
  • During her time at the CNSOPB, Janice acted as the overall authorization coordinator for the BP drilling program and she was the lead CNSOPB reviewer of the environmental assessment for the BP drilling program

Professional Affiliations, Degrees, and Accolades:

  • Bachelors of Science in Engineering (Geological), University of New Brunswick
  • Completed a variety of training courses including, but not limited to, Indigenous consultation, auditing, incident investigation, emergency preparedness and response, oil spill clearance and pollution prevention planning.

More About Me:

  • Personal interests include, reading, music, family time, hiking with my dog and enjoying the outdoors.