Ehsan Belghiszadeh

Advisor, Reservoir Engineering


  • Conservation Officer
  • Advises on reservoir engineering matters relating to oil and gas exploration, development and production
  • Ensures that Canada-Nova Scotia’s offshore oil and gas resources are developed, managed, and produced using good resource management practices
  • Reviews resource management aspects of industry submitted activity authorizations, reports and plans
  • Conducts resource management oversight, including audits and inspections of producing projects in order to prevent waste of petroleum resources by ensuring operator’s maximize economic hydrocarbon recovery in accordance with CNSOPB regulatory requirements

Biographical Snapshot:

  • Ehsan has 11 years of reservoir engineering experience including six years with the CNSOPB
  • Prior to joining the CNSOPB, Ehsan worked in the petroleum industry as a Petroleum Engineering Intern, Field Engineering Supervisor, and Senior Evaluations Engineer
  • While working at the CNSOPB, he has completed a number of detailed reservoir engineering studies in order to independently evaluate the operator’s resource management strategies
  • Ehsan has completed a number of technical training courses in reservoir and production engineering and resource management

Education, Affiliations, and Accolades:

  • General Management Certificate, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University
  • Masters of Business Administration in Analytics Leadership, University of Fredericton
  • Bachelor of Science in Oil and Gas Engineering, University of Calgary
  • Registered Professional Engineer (P.Eng.)
  • Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers

More About Me:

  • When not working, Ehsan enjoys travelling, playing guitar, and spending time with his family