Multiklient Invest’s Multi-Year Seismic Program

Environmental Assessment

Operator: Multiklient Invest | Activity Status: On Hold  | Federal EA Applies: No

The Environmental Assessment has not been submitted. The Project Description and/or Scoping Document provide the following information for Multiklient Invest’s potential multi-year seismic program for an undefined period between 2020 and 2028. Specific data acquisition plans for 2D and 3D surveys are not yet determined and will depend on industry demand.

 * Area shaded in green represents the Environmental Assessment area.


The proposed project area covers much of the offshore deep water and slope from the Laurentian Channel to the east, to the Canada-United States jurisdictional border to the west. The proposed project area also includes many of the shelf banks, from Misaine Bank in the east, to LaHave Bank in the west. Bacarro, Browns and Georges Banks are excluded.

Special areas within the proposed project area include Sable Island National Park Reserve, Shortland and Haldimand Canyon, the Western/Emerald Banks Conservation Area (fisheries restrictions), and Corsair and Georges Canyons Conservation Area (fisheries restrictions). The Gully Marine Protected Area and the St. Anns Bank Marine protected Area are excluded.


There are several fish, marine mammal, sea turtle and bird species with special conservation status known to occur within the proposed project area, including the endangered blue whale, North Atlantic right whale, Northern bottlenose whale, leatherback turtle, wolffish species, piping plover, and the roseate tern, among others.

Commercial and Recreational Uses:

Fishing using all marine fishing gear types used in Nova Scotia occurs throughout the proposed project area. 

Other ocean uses in and around the area include scientific research, military activity and offshore oil and gas exploration activity. Activity and infrastructure associated with the Sable Offshore Energy Project and the Deep Panuke Offshore Gas Development Project currently exist (decommissioning is underway for both) on the Sable Island Bank, and to the south is the BP Canada Energy Group ULC owned Exploration Licence 2434R.

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Date Document Title Author
03/12/2018 PDF icon Final Scoping Document CNSOPB
03/12/2018 PDF icon CNSOPB Public Comments Report CNSOPB
02/11/2018 PDF icon Comments on Scoping Document Fisheries and Oceans Canada
29/10/2018 PDF icon Comments on Scoping Document Environment and Climate Change Canada
29/10/2018 PDF icon Comments on Scoping Document Wolastoqey Nation in New Brunswick
29/10/2018 PDF icon Comments on Scoping Document Patrick Lyne
29/10/2018 PDF icon Comments on Scoping Document Migmawel Tplutaqnn
29/10/2018 PDF icon Comments on Scoping Document Hon. Wilfred P. Moore
25/10/2018 PDF icon Comments on Scoping Document Kwilmu’kw Maw-klusuaqn Negotiation Office
24/10/2018 PDF icon Comments on Scoping Document Maritime Aboriginal People Council
29/09/2018 PDF icon Scoping Document CNSOPB
26/09/2018 PDF icon Project Description Multiklient Invest