Update on BP Canada Unauthorized Discharge of Drilling Mud


Drilling operations of BP Canada (BP) continue to be suspended. The CNSOPB has sent two officers and a drilling engineer offshore to investigate the cause of the discharge. This will inform any actions by the CNSOPB.

To resume drilling, the CNSOPB must be satisfied with the responsive steps that BP has taken, and be satisfied that drilling operations can proceed safely.

The CNSOPB will refrain from commenting further on the investigation at this time, as it is ongoing.   

“As the regulator of oil and gas activities in the Canada-Nova Scotia offshore area, we want to serve the public’s interest by being open and transparent in providing factual information,” said CNSOPB CEO, Stuart Pinks. “We will report publicly prior to the recommencement of drilling operations, should approval be granted, and we will make an investigation report public once it is complete.”

To keep the public informed, the CNSOPB is sharing the following information:

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