Thu, 06/07/2018

Notice - CNSOPB Seeks Written Comments on Draft Exploration Canada-Nova Scotia Benefits Plan Guidelines


Over the past several months, the CNSOPB has undertaken a review of the Canada-Nova Scotia Benefits Plan Guidelines. The purpose of the review was to modernize the guidelines to accurately reflect the CNSOPB’s practices and processes related to Industrial Benefits, which have evolved since the existing guidelines were originally introduced in May 2011. The review has resulted in the drafting of new Exploration Canada-Nova Scotia Benefits Plan Guidelines

The Exploration Canada-Nova Scotia Benefits Plan Guidelines are intended to assist operators in the preparation of an acceptable Benefits Plan for exploration activities. The Guidelines affirm best practice approaches to industrial benefits, safety and environmental protection.

As part of its consultation process, the CNSOPB invites written comments from interested parties on the draft guidelines. Written comments should be received no later than July 20, 2018, and should be sent to:

Christine Bonnell-Eisnor
Director, Regulatory Affairs & Finance
Canada Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board
8th Floor, TD Centre
1791 Barrington Street
Halifax, NS B3J 3K9
or via e-mail