Land Nominations

Issuing an Exploration Licence usually begins at the nomination phase. Crown lands can be nominated for consideration in future Call for Bids by any person, company or posted by the Board. Nominations can be made at any time during the year. The Board has established an annual cycle for an April Call for Bids. The closing date to nominate lands for consideration in the April Call for Bids is December 1st.

The Board reviews these nominations placing high priority on identifying known environmentally sensitive areas and fisheries concerns. It also evaluates a number of factors, including: water depth, proximity to infrastructure, prospectivity of the lands and data availability. The Board also consults with appropriate federal and provincial government agencies to receive public policy input. Nominations can be submitted to the Director, Regulatory Affairs and Finance and must follow the Land Division Guidelines.

For more information, please refer to the Guidelines on the Issuance of Exploration Licences. In addition to reviewing nominated lands received by the Board, the Board has outlined geoscience study areas on a rolling three year basis.

The geoscience study areas are reviewed on an annual basis and the current three-year plan for Board geoscience study areas is found here.


For Significant Discovery Licence nominations, the Crown reserve land must be subject to a Declaration of Significant Discovery. Production Licence nominations must be Crown reserve lands subject to a Declaration of Commercial Discovery.

Download available_area_2019.pdf