Call for Bids Forecast Areas

Call for Bids Forecast Areas (2019–2021)

Crown lands can be nominated for consideration in a future Call for Bids by any person or company, or posted by the Board. Nominations of crown lands in any area can be made at any time during the year. The Board has established an annual cycle for an April Call for Bids. The closing date to nominate lands for consideration in the April Call for Bids is December 1st of the prior year.

In addition to reviewing nominated lands received by the Board, the Board has outlined Call for Bids Forecast Areas on a rolling three year basis. These areas will be evaluated by the Board internally and subject to fundamental decisions, one or more parcel(s) located in these areas will normally be included in the Call for Bids for the year specified, along with selected nominated parcels. These areas are all subject to normal Board processes, including the requirement for the completion of a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) (if a valid SEA does not currently exist for that area) before any Exploration Licences are issued as a result of a Call for Bids.

The Call for Bids Forecast Areas are reviewed on an annual basis.  The current three-year plan (2019-2021) for the Board’s Call for Bids Forecast Areas is shown on the following map.

GIS shape file for 2019-2021 Call for Bids Forecast

Map of Call for Bids Forecast Areas (2019-2021)