Incident Reporting

Under the Accord Acts and associated regulations, operators must notify the respective Board of all reportable Incidents and events, which occur on any marine installation or structure, passenger craft, vessel or aircraft in the course of conducting any work or activity related to an authorization.  The Incident Reporting and Investigation Guideline contains additional details and assists operators and other workplace parties in complying with those requirements.

Reporting to the CNSOPB by the operator includes:

  • Incident Notification (immediate verbal, written notification depending on the nature of the incident);
  • Incident Investigation Reports (due no later than 14 days following an Incident for a safety related Incident and no later than 21 days for all other types of Incidents.  Investigation reports must identify the causal factors, root cause(s) and actions to prevent reoccurrence);
  • Quarterly Incident Statistics Reporting (due within 15 days of the end of each quarter, a statistical summary of exposure hours, occupational injuries/illnesses, and lost/restricted workdays in the period)
  • Annual Reports (due by March 31 of each year; see the Incident Reporting and Investigation Guideline for details on content).

For all immediate verbal notifications to the CNSOPB call the 24/7 phone line at (902) 496-4444. See the CNSOPB Reporting Poster for additional information.

Written notification may be submitted to the CNSOPB by e-mail.

For each incident reported, the CNSOPB verifies that the operator takes the appropriate actions to determine the cause of the incident and to prevent its reoccurrence. The CNSOPB reviews this information, as well as information from other independent sources, to determine possible trends, commonalities and to identify specific target areas for improvement.

Pursuant to the Board’s compliance and enforcement processes, CNSOPB staff may also investigate health, safety and environmental incidents that occur at offshore worksites, depending upon their nature and severity.

Quarterly Disabling Injury Statistics

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