Marine Protected Area

Sable Gully

The "Sable Gully" is located approximately 200 kilometers south-east of Nova Scotia, east of Sable Island, on the edge of the Scotian Shelf (see map below). In May of 2004, the federal Minister of Fisheries and Oceans announced the designation of the Gully as a Marine Protected Area (MPA) under the Oceans Act. The MPA contains three management zones, each providing varying levels of protection based on conservation objectives and ecological sensitivities.

The CNSOPB has not allowed petroleum activities in the Gully since 1998, when the Gully was first identified as a special area. Future projects adjacent to the Gully will be required to evaluate the area as a Valued Ecosystem Component during the environmental assessment process. The implementation of an Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) program and requirements for additional mitigation measures will also be considered for all activities near the area to ensure compliance with the Gully MPA Regulations under the Oceans Act.


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