Lands Management

Call for Bids

The following table provides a list of active and historic Calls for Bids beginning in 1990. Information includes the parcel information, the names of winning bidders and the winning bid amount (called a Work Expenditure Bid).

Call For
Announcement Call
Effective Date EL CAD $
(M=Million B=Billion)


02-05-2016 N/A N/A N/A N/A
NS15-1 28-04-2015 12-11-2015 15-01-2016 2435-2436 82M
NS14-1 05-05-2014 05-11-2014 N/A N/A N/A
NS13-1 22-04-2013 13-11-2013 N/A N/A N/A
NS12-1 30-04-2012 16-11-2012 15-01-2013 2427-2434 1.08B
NS11-1 30-06-2011 20-01-2012 01-03-2012 2423-2426 970M
NS09-1 04-12-2009 08-07-2010 N/A N/A N/A
NS08-2 21-11-2008 06-07-2009 14-08-2009 2421-2422 12.6M
NS08-1 25-07-2008 07-11-2008 01-01-2009 2419-2420 136.9M
NS07-1 11-12-2007 10-07-2008 15-09-2008 2417-2418 216.8M
NS03-1 04-06-2003 12-11-2003 01-01-2004 2415-2416 14.1M
NS01-1 06-06-2001 02-11-2001 01-01-2002 2406-2414 527.2M
NS00-1 29-06-2000 02-11-2000 01-01-2001 2398-2405 192M
NS99-1 17-06-1999 05-11-1999 01-01-2000 2387-2397 61.2M
NS98-2 02-12-1998 04-05-1999 01-07-1999 2368-2386 592.5M
NS98-1 17-06-1998 13-11-1998 01-01-1999 2366-2367 4.4M
NS97-3 12-12-1997 05-05-1998 01-07-1998 2364-2365 4.4M
NS97-2 12-12-1997 05-05-1998 01-07-1998 2359-2363 88.6M
NS97-1   13-11-1997 01-01-1998 2358 1.3M
NS96-1   14-05-1997 01-07-1997 2357 2.3M
NS95-1     01-01-1996 2356 86.4M
NS93-1     01-07-1994 2355 1.0M
NS90-1     23-08-1990 2100 2.6M

A Call for Bids is a formal announcement by the Board that a licence is available to be awarded through a competitive bidding process. The land in which the licence is available for bidding has been nominated by industry or posted by the Board. The Call for Bids specifies:

  • The type of interest to be issued (EL, SDL or PL);
  • The terms and conditions of the interest;
  • The form and manner in which the bid is to be submitted;
  • A closing date;
  • The sole criterion that the Board will apply in assessing bids submitted in response to the Call.

Bidding is open for a minimum of 120 days. While the Call for Bids is open, the Board welcomes written submissions from the public on the specific parcels included in the bid. Such submissions are considered by the Board before a licence is issued. The process is open and transparent. Any person or company may bid on a parcel of land and any person or group may comment.

Lands Issuance Cycle

Managing and administering offshore petroleum rights begins with rights issuance. Through an established Call for Bids process that is open and transparent, the CNSOPB issues exploration rights for approved parcels of Crown Reserve Lands in the form of Exploration Licences.  Pursuant to the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Cost Recovery Regulations, Cost Recovery fees may be charged.  For additional information on Cost Recovery, please click here

The making of a Call for Bids and the issuance of an Exploration Licence are "fundamental decisions" within the legislation, and as such are subject to review by the Minister of Natural Resources for Canada and the Minister of Energy for Nova Scotia.

Crown Reserve Lands that are nominated, and Crown Reserve Lands that are covered by the proposed forecast for Call for Bids lands, are considered for inclusion in the Call for Bids.

The annual cycle for the issuance of Exploration Licences will normally occur according to the dates noted in the table below:

December 1st Close of Land Nominations: December 1st is the last day to submit nominations for lands to be considered in the next Call for Bids.
Mid-April Call for Bids Announcement: Call for Bids opens mid-April, subject to fundamental decision.
Early November Call for Bids Closes: Bids must be received by the bid deadline specified in the Call for Bids, (early-November). Successful Bids will be selected by the Board, and successful and unsuccessful Bidders notified.
January  15th Effective date of Exploration Licences: Issuance of Exploration Licences to successful bidders on January 15th, subject to fundamental decision.

Form of Exploration Licence for Current or Last Call for Bids